Fundraising Action Plan

We put this plan together to help you get the best results with the least amount of effort!

  • ​We realize organizations need to raise a certain amount of money each and every season/year in order to operate. Following the Action Plan will maximize your efforts so hopefully this will be the only fundraiser you will need to do!
  • ​​​You should immediately text, call and email all your contacts and let them know about the fundraiser. Also post on all your social media accounts. If your child/student is old enough he/she should make the calls and send texts. Everyone should post on their social media accounts. 
  • ​The real key to this fundraiser is to get it to go viral. Make sure you ask your contacts to tell their friends, family and contacts about the amazing savings the All-Star Saver membership offers. Ask them to share the posts and fundraising page.
  • ​Use social media share buttons on the fundraiser page. Please note you must be logged into your social media accounts to share the fundraising page.
  • ​Simply copy, paste, edit and send/post the pre-written emails and social media posts located below. 
  • ​​​Your organization's coordinator will remind you when to send out the different messages and post on social media.
  • ​​​PLEASE NOTE: The emails and social media posts are written for "JOHNNY" who plays "BASEBALL" for "ABC BASEBALL TEAM ". You will need to change JOHNNY, BASEBALL and ABC BASEBALL TEAM to your name, your sport and the name of your organization before you send out your emails or post on your social media accounts.


  • Once your organization page is ready, immediately text and call your family, friends and other contacts, let them know about the fundraiser.
  • Send out the launch email (see below).
  • ​Use the social media share buttons on the page with message (see below).

1/2 WAY

  • Halfway through the fundraising campaign you will send out the 1/2 way email below.
  • ​Use the social media share buttons and post with the message below.


  • We share a message stating that this is the "Last Week" and still looking for more donations.
  • ​​Send the email below and share on all social media accounts with message below.

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